Friday, June 3, 2011

Majority of Auckland motorists supportive of public transport - AA survey

Tranzwatching in Auckland, New Zraland

The Automobile Association has released the results of a significant survey of just over 6000 of their Auckland members on local transport issues. “This is the most comprehensive survey on Auckland transport issues for many years and provides decision makers with an indication of the views of motorists,” according to AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne. Apart from questions about support for the harbour bridge or alternative crossings, and about regional transport strategy with a major public transport component as well as roading (73% support) the survey also asked more specific questions about buses and trains. Support for trains was slightly higher, with 81% of those responding wanting more emphasis on trains but only 15% would use a train if they could not use their car; in contrast 75% supported greater emphasis on buses, and close to 65% ranked buses as the most important public transport mode in Auckland with just as many saying they would use a bus if they could not use a car.

This might suggest that rail is an ideal for many, but its limited reach and need for an added bus or car transfer to access a station makes it far from attractive in most circumstances, indeed five times out of six. The news report of the survey in contains more details and also more about attitudes to various taxation sources, with a sizeable 42% thinking public transport passengers should pay higher fares to meet costs.

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