Saturday, June 18, 2011

AKT blog raises issue of larger passengers

Tranzwatching in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Trains Blog (AKT), has raised the issue of discomfort caused other passengers sharing a co-joined seat in a bus with a large or obese passenger.

The problem of people in general getting larger, for both healthy reasons (better diet) and unhealthy reasons is one that is starting to be addressed in North America but this is possibly the first time it has been raised in New Zealand.

The blog posting has produced a huge number of responses, some irate, but it is a genuine problem where buses are already built to maximum width where seat size can only be increasing at the cost reducing over all seating capacity.

There can be obvious discomfort for passengers sitting beside another passenger whose bulk intrudes into their allocated space.

Commenting on the high response level the blogger responsible, Jon Colt, commented  "It's obviously tapped into a secret frustration that is not politically correct to talk about."

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