Saturday, June 25, 2011

Charming video view of pre-quake Christchurch

Tranzwatching in Christchurch, Te Wai Pounamu, New Zealand

Battered and bombed by over 7,000 earthquakes since the original 7.1 richter scale earthquake at 4.35 am September 4th 2010 (including 181 lives lost during a particular ferocious aftershock February 22nd 2011) Christchurch residents have almost forgotten the relaxed city centre and beachside suburbs they once took for granted.

A film made by a German student staying here in early 2010, is capturing the heart of earthquake weary Christchurch residents. Using 10,000 time lapse camera shots and  various stylistic devices, including a slightly rose tinted vision,  the You Tube captures, pre-earthquakes, the city's centre - Cathedral Square - and beach suburb Sumner, the old stone university buildings (now a much damaged Arts Centre) and other scenes. It is all done in a way that is so warmly tinted and so folksy it almost looks like toytown.

But damn it all, we'll buy this mystic vision!

All the happy feelings it gives.

....on behalf of Christchurch thank you Luka Skaupen Johann (and all your mates) for all the work you put into filming this and post-production editing etc. Its such a buzz.

I am sure that you  little realised that you were creating a unique and lasting memorial to a city about to be devastated.

Oh yeah this is a public transit blog  - for bus and tram buffs, these vehicles feature prominently - cute as!

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