Monday, August 1, 2011

NZ Transport Agency (Government policy) "offensive" to Otago Regional Councillor

Tranzwatching in Otago, Te Wai Pounamu , New Zealand

Proposed changes to the financial assistance rates for public transport and transport planning as effecting Otago [and other provincial centres in NZ] have been described as "offensive" and having gone "a bit too far" by local body politicians,  reported recently in the Otago Daily Times.

The changes proposed by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) could result in the loss of tens of  thousands of dollars to the council and, as a result, possible increases in Dunedin's residents' transport rates.
Under the proposed changes the council would lose its funding for the support it gives the regional land transport committee and 10% of its funding over 10 years for passenger transport facilities management and maintenance, public transport information supply and operations.
In the last month the Government announced a further $228 million is to be pumped into commuter rail in Auckland and Wellington.  As Otago taxpayers are only about 5% of the country's population they will only have to pay about $22 million of this amount!!

I will say this, in comparison to those waving wet bus tickets in Christchurch, the old highlanders call a sporran a sporran,  and at least know when they are being shafted!  I note the puppet junta running our regional council here in Canterbury (installed by the Keys's Government) make no move to defend Canterbury's public transport system from similar attacks.

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