Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Head cameras" for security personnel at Bus Interchange

Tranzwatching transit tech in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Geelong, Victoria's second city, metropop 160,000, opened up a new central city bus interchange late last year. It has spaces for six buses to dock and load simultaneously. Waiting areas appear to be open and by March were attracting unwanted elements, mostly groups of teenagers, using the interchange as a place to hang about, with local shops and passengers complaining of swearing, abusive behaviours and fighting. Although "supervisors" in high viz vests are employed, like most security guards not having full police powers there is often a limit to what they can do, especially in public spaces, except call the police in worst case scenarios.

Now they will have minature cameras,that will only be activated as needed,  attached above there ears so at least clear facial recognition and close up recording of incidents is possible. This will not only add protection for supervisors but according to local City Councillor Andy Richards will also be downloadable for police when investigating alleged offenders.

[no link found to the last news story, this appeared on p34, The Geelong Advertiser July 16 2011 ]

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  1. Cameras now a days has become an important means of media as most of the problem arising in the day to day life can be captured in the camera and also the accused.