Friday, July 15, 2011

Greyhound USA in the running to see mandatory bus safety measures introduced.

Tranzwatching bus tech in the USA

Compulsory seatbelts in buses; higher standards in minimum requirements for anchoring seats to floor and bodywork of buses; great roof strengthening to act as roll bars; fire extinguishing systems; tyre pressure monitor systems. These are just a few of the safety measures operative in some buses and coaches in the US, but not by all.

The US senate is looking at whether to make these safety features mandatory following several fatal bus crashes this year, mainly involving cut price operators riding the rapid growth in city to city regional bus use (in particular amongst the educated young) in the heavily populated North-Eastern corridor between New York, Washington DC, and Boston etc.

America's biggest long distance coachline Greyhound says it supports mandatory safety measures. 

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