Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gang threat to buses in Christchurch

It is unclear whether recent actions by gangs of bully boys, gangsters and crooked "law" makers so twisted they would make an honest drug dealer blush will effect Metro bus services in Christchurch.

Acting under the mantle of being a Government and the false smile of John Keys, laws so devious, so unjust, spurious and disgusting they overturn the very basis of common justice and centuries of evolving parliamentary law have been introduced to allow farmers and large milk companies the opportunity to ride rough shod of the public good in Canterbury.

Under the Nuremburg Laws no Jews are allowed ... Oops, that one might come later!! 

Start again, under the Environment Canterbury (Temporary Commisioners and Improved Water Management) Act 2010 the Minister of the Environment is empowered to over-ride the laws and statutes of New Zealand, without even asking Parliament, and decide at his own choosing when and if New Zealand environment law applies in Canterbury!! (and only in Canterbury!)

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  1. Don't hold back David :-D

    Appreciate your honest opinion and astute observation that parallels this action with history that is now-days considered unsavoury.