Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will Christchurch Get the Message?

Real Time signage in Auckland had the superior (to Christchurch) capacity to include continuous running messages along the bottom line - here informing passengers of the shuttle service between national and international terminals at Auckland airport; other messages spotted on other screens referred to delays (beside the route number), to fare rises and an event. Such a hugely useful added feature! Often passengers are left in the dark about breakdown, sudden industrial action, etc because it is impossible to contact them at short notice. This real time capacity would seem to offer a unique way to contact many, by simultaneous broadcast to all stops with real time signage of this nature. Possibly even to those only on a specific route. An astute marketing department could also use it to lever up increased patronage for big events the following day or that evening, announcing departure times from key points for special services.  Of course the Auckland signage would look better if they included the bottom half of their words (or the photographer was not a midget)

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