Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rust in Peace

There is something especially poignant for me about old buses, adapted for house buses or rusting quietly in some paddock or yard. Although they do not have the glamourous veneer of a steam locomotive, for example, in their lifetime most buses will have carried several million passengers. They are the unsung work-horses that make thousands of other activities possible. From time to time I will pay tribute to this by including photographs of some retired or semi-retired bus I come across. The bus above (I could not detect the make), a former Auckland Regional Authority bus, subsequently a travelling home, is virtually entrenched under a protective iron roof, secreted in the shadows amongst the bushes on a  hillside in the Waitakere forest area west of Auckland. After a lifetime of noise and life I imagine this will be its last rusting place, its only inhabitants now spiders and other insects.

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