Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who's for the NICERide?

People often say "What a great bus system we have in Christchurch" (which doesn't mean that person uses it). I say compared to what ? Are we talking about buses as we knew them thirty years ago or buses in many other small cities in the USA or Canada or Australia etc - well yes we are doing reasonably ok in most respects (though very poorly in attracting peak hour patronage).

However I find the whole concept of how public transport is operated in Christchurch incredibly outdated, tramway era thinking, we have the reliable buses, the low floor access and vastly reduced dwell time of Metrocard loadings, the computerised systems and radio connections, we have buses galore duplicating each other's services but we don't have a 21st century bus system.

I have added my concept NICERide to the "Pages section" (or see one of side boxes ). I invite you to come join me on the NICERide; real public transport for the future.

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