Friday, September 30, 2011

Law backs flash messaging to motorists passing school buses

Tranzwatching in New Zealand

Amendments to sveral NZ laws come in to force this weekend. One of these expands the situation under which motorists have to slow down to 20 kmh when passing school buses stopped to load or discharge students.  The official details are as follows;
There is an existing requirement for drivers to reduce their speed to 20km/h when passing a stationary school bus, displaying a school bus sign that is stopped to pick up or drop off school children.

From 1 October 2011, drivers passing a stationary school bus displaying an optional ‘school bus’ sign with flashing lights, will need to reduce their speed to 20km/h. The bus driver will also be required to only operate the flashing lights for up to 20 seconds before and after the school bus has stopped. This will help to warn motorists that they need to take care and slow down as they are approaching an area where children are likely to be crossing the road.

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