Monday, August 15, 2011

Smart Transport Conference for Wellington this weekend

Tranzwatching in Wellington, Te Ika a Maui, New Zealand

Every action causes a reaction and the absurd "let's build more motorways, hop in our cars and pretend violent climate change and peak oil price rises" will never effect New Zealand attitude of Stephen Joyce and John Key has invoked increasing resistance and increasing unity amongst those trying to live in a country governed by intelligent transport choices.

Even as massive typhoons (ie hurricanes by their Pacific name) rip into various Asian countries - part of the many fold increase in violent storms in the last decade as sea levels heat - and millions of dollars of production are lost to (almost literally) "a polar blast" delivering enough snow to close down New Zealand, the boy racer government pushes ahead with its dream of building new roads to economic oblivion.

One part of the oppposition forming in the Wellington area takes the form of a Smart Transport for New Zealand Conference, jointly organised (it appears) by the Labour Party and Green Party. An overseas guest speaker is long time public transport researcher and advocate, Dr Paul Mees, Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and author of  many reasearch papers and books on transport and public transport, notably in New Zealand and Australia - his latest book Transport for Suburbia;Beyond the Automobile Age

Details of the conference  here; smart_transport_for_new_zealand_-_agenda.pdf - 295.13 KB

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