Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh-Oh!! Etc

Suggest reading previous post first;

The large letter link here link sums up the contradictions of big dreams, small population, and trying to be as successful as Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, without a huge mineral base and only a fraction of the equivalent state population!!

Brown confident about $10b transport plans

Relevance to Christchurch? Nice guys get washed away in the rain? A comment that was published in the 1950 Canterbury Centenary publication shows nothing much has changed in our forlorn city's psyche;

"The result is that Christchurch gives the impression that very little has been left to chance; it has something of the stability that comes from respected tradition.** Its people are proud that the city carries this mark, even if they do periodically wonder whether they are not a little slow in pushing their claims against those other parts of the country...." ***

** Even our disasters are done and handled in a very polite and tidy manner - wabbit grin

***Quoted in "The Character of Christchurch 1850-2000" John Cookson, University of Canterbury (originally delivered as the Jim Gardner Annual Lecture in 2000). Pamphlet format available from Christchurch City Libraries. Publioshed by Canterbury History Foundation

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