Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Massive Auckland transport spend-up fails to meet transport funding demands.

As I have said on past occasions,  it is only by looking at the sort of money being spent on public transport infrastructure in Auckland and Wellington that one can really measure just how successful  infrastructure progress in Christchurch has been over the last decade.....

By this token today's NZ Herald has done another expose of the comparative state of public transport infrastructure planning in Christchurch! 

Obviously the case for funding public transport infrastructure of the northern cities IS stronger - but 15 times stronger?? Come Onnnn!**


** Stripping out the public transport projects (and part aspects) only from these figures I get a very conservative figure of $5.1 billion  for Auckland public transport infrastructure and a (very generous?) guestimate of $100 million on Christchurch public transport infrastructure (as per last posting).

Despite (greater) Auckland only being 3.5 x the size of greater Christchurch,  approx  $51 dollars is spent in Auckland on public transport infrastructure for every $1 spent on this in Christchurch; per capita this translates to "only" 15 times more per person on public transport infrastructure!

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