Thursday, October 8, 2009

Metro (Christchurch) releases new route and timetables

Metro has released details of route changes and timetable changes, to begin on November 2nd 2009. These mainly include (but are not limited to) North-South axis routes.

As someone who  enjoys Christchurch's reasonably good (by 20th century standards!) evening and weekend services hundreds of times a year, but is also sometimes victim of its anomalies and uneven spread of services it will be interesting to evaluate how much improved they really are. In the past the it has sometime seemed no checking against a set of baseline service criteria has been applied at all. Maintaining evening social visits to friends in the Spreydon area, for one example, was always a bit dicey - four services an hour from Barrington to city, but all in a 16 minute window of time, leaving an often inconvenient 44 minutes to fill, whether at a hosts, or at cold and exposed bus stop.  

For rabbits who hop about all over the city, all hours day and night, and other people who depend upon buses for freedom and mobility, each set a route or timing changes, is roughly comparable to sending the car to the garage for a tune up. Smooth moving depends upon it. The same set of frustration arises over poor bus service planning that doubtless besets a motorist who gets a car back with too many coughs, splutters and glitches. The eagle eye has yet to fully examine the timetables, in the meantime click on the title box above to judge for yourself your own often used routes.

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