Saturday, September 14, 2013

Con Man Rips-Off City for Almost half a Million dollars

Police say they are hampered by a code of silence among a gang of executive con-men who specialise in ripping off public bodies for huge amounts.

Said Inspector Plod "This gang is bigger than the mafia, it operates across borders, it works constantly to shift money from the poorer and hardworking members of society to those who enjoy grossly inflated salaries. It is claimed these are for executive stresses and strains, but in many cases investigations by our forensic teams show these stresses are are actually much less than those faced by young families on low wages paying horrendous rents."

Added police Inspector Plod "Many of the victims of this robber gang are trying to raise children on fortnightly incomes less than the gang members spend on a single golfing weekend."

Police say despite the huge salary rip-off they were unable to find any trace of the most recent con man's activities, pointing as an example, to the dismal state of public transport in the city in question [city's name withheld to protect Councillors from ridicule].

Said Inspector Plod "You'd need to be Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass to find any significant infrastructure changes that support public transport - apart from few clumsy and poorly designed bus shelters, the offender in question left no footprint despite the huge sums that changed hands"

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